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This project template will boost your productivity and make you write better and cleaner code. It's the simplest way to get started and crush projects in no time.

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An optimized and modern
tech stack

This boilerplate uses the latest techs to build a responsive and performant website.
Nothing extra, just what you need to get started.
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A lot of benefits,
right into your daily workflow

process benefit

Modern process

The perfect template for creating modern, mobile-first static websites.

recycle benefit

Reusable components

Use a templating system to reuse components and HTML parts throughout your entire website.

structured benefit

clean structured code

All files are in the right place; you will never be lost again.

local server benefit

Local & network server

View your changes instantly on all devices that are connected to wifi.

performance benefit

Fully Optimized

Everything is minified, compressed and served with the best standards.

seo benefit

Better SEO and performance

Up-to-date best practices, optimal loading time and perfect SEO score.

Unlock those benefits
pierre mouchan
pierre mouchan
“It gathers every best practices
that I've created, found, and stolen
over the last 5 years of my career.”
Pierre Mouchan
Creator of the static starter

Impress your boss
Make better and Faster website today

Files compression
and images Optimization

This template compresses and optimizes all files for your production version, which will significantly reduce the overall size of your website and speed up its loading time.

Modern Responsive

Mobile-first approach, breakpoint features and modern responsive to reduce the number of breakpoints in your website - fewer bugs, better productivity.

zero Extra
You get the full control

Zero extra installed by default. You have full control over which packages and libraries you want to install and play with. Keep it simple and easy to use.

A Smart workflow
helping you achieve more

Pretty your files, lint your JavaScript, and sort all your imports in a matter of seconds – just hit “Save” and *Kaboom*, everything is neat and tidy.

Make Google happy
With those performance

Everything is served according to the new Google algorithms and performance measures (Web vitals: CLS, LCP, Loading Time, etc.)

Be part of
the Starter’s Community

You will have the opportunity to join our discord and discuss with all other developers. Share your work, find help, solve bugs and grow together.

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Still not enough?
Grab a copy of the additional course

will you learn?

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How to start
with this boilerplate

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How to structure
your files as components

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How to tackle
modern responsive

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How to publish
your website

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How to fix
SEO and performance

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How to Update
your project

See for yourself

a solution
for every developer

boilerplate product
  • Out-of-the-box boilerplate
  • All features unlocked
  • Life-time updates
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boilerplate product
  • Out-of-the-box boilerplate
  • All features unlocked
  • Life-time updates
  • Tutorial & best practices
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Asked Questions

Who Are you?
I am Pierre Mouchan, a Freelance Front-end Developer/Designer and former Founder. I have spent the last few years creating many opportunities for companies. Today, I've decided to help individuals in their journey.

This product is for all my fellow developers who want to improve their craft.
why did you created this?
Since I've started my journey as a Developer, I've created countless boilerplates on every possible framework. I was obsessed with the idea of getting a perfect developer experience.

Finding your own personal workflow that makes you productive at work is hard. That is the main reason I decided to make this product free. It is a good taste for developers who are looking to improve themselves. I want to empower them to be more productive and write cleaner code.

I have always tried to optimize these projects templates and to get the best of the best experiences out of it. I always googled "best practices" for any kind of topic I could think of.

This boilerplate is for all developers who want to save countless hours of research. It gathers all the best practices I've created, found and stolen over the last 5 years of my career.
what this product is made for?
This product is centered around static websites.

I won't tell you that you cannot achieve a great ecommerce app or build the next Facebook, but you will be limited.

Anytime you will have to make some modifications, you'll need a developer to get back to the code and make those modifications. It's the main reason why this is called a "Static Boilerplate".

Instead, if you want to build a "Dynamic Website", you can always attach a CMS, another framework or WordPress to this template.

For the second package, you will have access to a bonus course about productivity and efficiency as a developer. You will learn advanced methods and strategies to get your work done faster in a better everyday workflow, from scratch to production. You will learn the fundamental of website optimizations, and you’ll understand how to make the difference between what matters and what does not.

Note that this product was designed and built for all developers, regardless of experience.

Can I get the course for free?
I spent countless hours writing and developing this course – Something I wish I had when I started.

At this price, this pack represents less than 1-2 hour of your time billing a client. I'm confident this package will save you countless hours on your next project; that's a positive return on investment.

if you still want to be refunded for this product or if you still a discount for financial reasons, please contact me (with some legitimate evidence) and I will try to find a solution:
Still have questions?
Send your feedback or queries to:
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